About Aimo e Nadia bistRo

Aimo e Nadia bistRo was born from the happy encounter between the culture of Italian gastronomy and that of design: Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, an establishment reference of Italian gourmet cuisine for over 50 years and Rossana Orlandi, one of the most influential avant-garde design gallerists. Two Italian excellences, internationally recognized for the quality of their work, have given life to a common project, capable of declining the respective excellent characteristics in a simpler formula.

The bistRo idea

A convivial space in which the personalities of Stefania Moroni, Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani, owners of Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, and of Rossana Orlandi, express themselves in a complementary way, each one in its own sphere, to give life, together, to a bistro which combines the charm of interior design, created in collaboration with Etro, with the pleasures of taste and conviviality, fundamental elements of the gastronomic proposal and service.

Bar and Kitchen

The bistro cuisine is based on the same principles of Italianness, selection of raw materials, respect for producers and the territory, typical of Il Luogo di Aimo and Nadia, applied in this case, to simpler proposals, designed for fruition throughout the bow of the day. The ingredients come from specific areas of our peninsula, indicated in the menu, as in a sort of virtual map of Italy.


The foods take into account different consumption needs, both according to the time of day and daily personal needs. Dishes able to respond, with the same care, to the desire for a rich breakfast or a quick coffee, a convivial lunch, a business lunch or a quick lunch break and a pleasant snack, a refined aperitif, a dinner tête-à-tête or with friends. In addition to the dishes proposed by the kitchen for lunch and dinner, there are the easiest bar proposals, designed for a light lunch or an afternoon snack. The bar menu also includes various proposals for breakfast, a careful selection of teas and a cocktail list of classics and unpublished, designed to enhance the Italian spirit even through the use of foreign products.

Bistro & Design

The bistro reflects Rossana Orlandi’s style and creativity, in a sort of extension of her adjoining Gallery, from which come the furnishings and works: vintage pieces skilfully combined with new productions, signed by known and emerging designers, discovered by her. The environment is strongly characterized by Etro Home wallpapers, fabrics and upholstery, an expression of the textile culture and brand values, complementary elements that give harmony and enhance, at the same time, works, functional furnishings and decorative elements, creating a unique setting of great charm.

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